Frequently Asked Questions

The patient data is provided by the sites themselves. To ensure credibility, ‘clinic hours’ and ‘attending physician hours’ are loaded into CHMN’s data base to ensure that the patient load quoted is supported by generally accepted market statistics.

As well, CHMN campaign reach and impressions are quoted in compliance with the Audience Metric Guidelines which you can review HERE.

Meanwhile, the viewer data which includes a +30% load factor to allow for accompaniment is supported by ongoing third party research conducted over a 6 year period by Global Target Marketing

Further, audiences quoted on RFP’s are discounted at source by 5% to allow for potential technical downtime.

Silent creative is required for a spot to run seamlessly across the entire CHMN network. That said, roughly 35% of the network is sound-enabled, allowing for seamless use of TV creative.

Where TV creative adapts well to customized captioning, CHMN’s team has a demonstrated ability at effectively repurposing TV creative for non-audio venues. This service is provided as a value-add to agencies and advertisers.

CHMN has been the clear market leader in developing guidelines for effective Digital Placed Based creative. Recent examples HERE.

CHMN’s proprietary research indicates that the average wait times in Medical Center waiting rooms is approximately 30 minutes.

As such, CHMN schedules ad messages to run at least once per 30 minutes (equal to the wait or dwell time) so as to ensure the opportunity to reach 100% of the viewers.

That said, ad frequency can be strategically planned to match the requirements of any specific campaign.

The content loop(s) currently vary between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the Affiliate.

CHMN’s objective is to move as quickly as possible towards a loop that is primarily composed of contextually relevant value added content. Examples HERE.

CHMN’s research over the last 8 years has shown a dramatic shift in viewer preferences with the vast majority of respondents now indicating a preference for relevant, contextual and informative content -infotainment as opposed to entertainment.

All paperwork for CHMN will be ‘single source’ regardless of the number of Affiliates involved:

  • One contract
  • One invoice
  • Single, aggregated, monthly compliance reports